Nawab Shah Alam Khan College of Education

Yennepally - Vikarabad, Affiliated to Osmania University



Library Details

The institution has well equipped library room of 104 Sqft, the college library has collections of total 5907 books which titles and reference books, dictionaries in four languages (English, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic and Hindi), issuing books, 16 volumes Encyclopedias of Britannica, Encyclopedias Islamic History and Culture, photocopy facility, printing facility, binding facility, reading facility with comfortable chair and desks with the capacity of 50 students comfortable sitting. Our college has eight educational journals with ISSN Numbers, at the same time the institution has books of different methods subject. Our library has the electronic searching of books by title of the book facility. The institution has installed a computer system to look at their library account details of issue and return of books. Besides books the college has subscribed flowing educational, language and literature, Psychology and Guidance social, economic and research journals.
2-Jouranoal of Community Guidance and Research
3-Bhartiya Adhunic Shiksha (Hindi, Modern Education of India)
4- Competition Success Review
5-Indai Toady
6-Shine India (Telugu)
8- The Week
9-Swati (Telugu) Weekly
10-Pratiyogita Darpan
11- Out Look

The college is housed in the two stories Building having a built up of 7.2 Acres. The total area of the campus is 3080 The college has a seminar hall and a number of class rooms with suitable furniture. All the Laboratories prescribed in the Syllabus are present in the college.
Other Facilities Provided
Drinking Water Facility
Internet Facility
Play Ground
Educational Journals
The college subscribed the educational Journals suggested by the University.


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